EsyVid Review

EsyVid Review

EsyVid is a brand new, cloud based software that will allow you to instantly create stunning videos from any website, web page, or online article on the Internet. It’s very easy to use, just enter in the URL for the article or blog post that you want to use and EsyVid will pull all of the content and pictures right off of that web page. You can then add or remove pictures, change any of the fonts colors and with a click of a button, make a complete video out of it. You can even add an audio file or use the text-to-speech function built right into the platform. This new video generating software comes complete with over 300 fully customization slide templates, all of the hottest niches are covered. Think about it, with EsyVid, you can re-purpose all of your own content as well. Just put in the URL’s you’d like to use and regenerate videos from all of your old blog posts and articles.

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